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Ukraine urged US to lift ban on strikes against Russia with American weapons: WSJ

Ukraine urged US to lift ban on strikes against Russia with American weapons: WSJ Illustrative photo: Ukraine appealed to the US on the issue of strikes on the territory of the Russian Federation (Getty Images)

Ukraine has appealed to the administration of US President Joe Biden to lift restrictions on using US-provided weapons for strikes on military targets within Russian territory, reports The Wall Street Journal.

According to the material, Kyiv also asked Washington to help identify targets for strikes using Ukrainian weapons, as reported by US officials.

The publication notes that this request was made "as Russia had made its biggest territorial gains in Ukraine in nearly 18 months in the northeast region of Kharkiv."

Other US officials told WSJ journalists that Ukraine's request, made last week, is currently under consideration.

"They indeed asked for help to strike Russia. It wasn't specific to a weapons system but additional help in striking the Russians," said US Air Force General CQ Brown.

Western media believe that if Washington agrees to such changes, it would signify a significant shift in the Biden administration's policy.

Issue of using Western weapons and the Pentagon's position

Just yesterday, on May 17, Deputy Spokesperson for the US Department of Defense Sabrina Singh stated that the weapons provided to Kyiv by the US as part of military aid are intended for use on the sovereign territory of Ukraine.

The Pentagon representative emphasized that the US has not changed its position on the use of weapons provided to Ukraine.

Furthermore, Western media previously reported that Ukraine's partners did not grant Kyiv permission to use the provided weapons for strikes on Russian territory.

Meanwhile, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace recently stated that the Ukrainian side has the right to strike Russia with weapons provided by London.

It was also reported that analysts at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) believe the US taboo on using its weapons for strikes on Russian territory seriously hinders Ukraine's efforts to defend against offensive operations by the occupiers, particularly in the Kharkiv region.