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Ukraine has right to use UK weapons to strike targets inside Russia - Cameron

Ukraine has right to use UK weapons to strike targets inside Russia - Cameron British Foreign Secretary David Cameron (photo: Getty Images)

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron has stated that Ukraine has the right to use the weapons provided by London to strike targets inside Russia, as Moscow is hitting Ukrainian territory, according to his interview with Reuters.

"Ukraine has that right. Just as Russia is striking inside Ukraine, you can quite understand why Ukraine feels the need to make sure it's defending itself," Cameron said during his visit to Kyiv.

The Foreign Secretary pledged £3 billion (approximately $3.74 billion) in annual military aid to Ukraine for a sustained period.

"We will give three billion pounds every year for as long as is necessary. We've just really emptied all we can in terms of giving equipment," he said.

Cameron welcomed the US allocation of new military aid to Ukraine but avoided a direct answer to how, in his opinion, the possible re-election of Republican candidate Donald Trump could affect US support for Ukraine.

"It's not for us to decide who the Americans choose as their president - we will work with whoever that is," Cameron said.

Reuters had previously published this news but later removed it from the website for clarification of certain details.

Use of Western weapons against targets in Russia

Currently, the Ukrainian side is using drones, mostly for domestic production, to strike targets on Russian territory.

One of the recent attacks took place on May 1st when drones from the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine struck the Ryazan oil refinery in Russia.

Latvian Foreign Minister Baiba Braže stated that Western partners have already provided Ukraine with weaponry that is not restricted from striking Russian territory.