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Defense Intelligence of Ukraine launches drone attack on Ryazan oil refinery, sources say

Defense Intelligence of Ukraine launches drone attack on Ryazan oil refinery, sources say Photo: The DIU attacked the Ryazan oil refinery with drones at night (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

As a result of an operation by the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine on the night of May 1, the Ryazan oil refinery was hit by drones in Russia, according to sources in the special services.

Drone attack on Ryazan oil refinery

According to eyewitnesses, the first four explosions occurred at the plant at night around 2 a.m., after which a large-scale fire broke out on the refinery's premises. At the same time, the local Ministry of Emergency Situations announced the danger of drones. The drone attack in the Ryazan region was confirmed by local governor Pavel Malkov.

In addition, social media users reported the presence of drones in the sky over the Voronezh region. Air defense operations were also heard there, and the media reported damage to houses in the Voronezh region allegedly as a result of one of the aircraft-type drones being shot down.

Ryazan refinery

Ryazan Oil Refinery is located in the city of Ryazan and is part of Rosneft. The declared maximum possible processing volume of the refinery is 17-18 million tons of oil per year. Most of the products are exported.

On March 13, 2024, this refinery was already attacked by Ukrainian drones. At the time, it was reported that a long-range kamikaze drone called Liutyi was used for the attack. Read about Liutyi in the RBC-Ukraine article.

Strikes on Russian oil refineries

In recent months, Ukrainian drones have been frequently striking Russian oil refineries. UAVs have even reached refineries located hundreds of kilometers from the border with Ukraine. The Security Service of Ukraine estimates that it has carried out at least 13 successful attacks on the aggressor country's refineries. It is also known that the DIU carries out similar operations. As a result of these successful actions, Russian oil production and refining decreased by 12%. And Western media report that drone attacks have already led to a shortage of gasoline in Russia.

And despite a somewhat negative reaction from the United States, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy explained that in the current situation of lack of air defense, Ukraine's only option to stop Russian strikes on the energy sector is to make Russia pay the same price.