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Secret drone attacking refinery in Russian Ryazan: Details

Secret drone attacking refinery in Russian Ryazan: Details Photo: What is known about the UAV that attacked the Ryazan refinery on March 13 (Russian media)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Russian media reported that the Ryazan oil refinery was attacked by a long-range kamikaze drone, the Liutyi (fierce in Ukr. - ed), on the night of March 13. There is very little information about this drone.

Sources used: Defense Express, Focus.

Liutyi drone

Currently, there is not much information about this drone. According to Defense Express, it is only known that the range of this drone is up to 1000 kilometers and the weight of the warhead is 75 kilograms.

Outwardly, it may resemble the Bayraktar TB2, but this is only at first glance. Because, judging by the size of the engine, the Liutyi is much smaller. Earlier, Defense Express pointed out that this drone looks more like an intermediate version between Bayraktar TB2 and PD-2 from UkrSpecSystems.

This drone, in particular, was shown in November 2023.

Secret drone attacking refinery in Russian Ryazan: DetailsPhoto: Hanna Hvozdiar's Facebook

At that time, Deputy Minister of Strategic Industries Hanna Hvozdiar showed a photo of this drone.

Before that, the images were published by Ukroboronprom. The Focus journalists saw two inscriptions on them: "Liutyi 02", probably the name, and an inscription in Church Slavonic "Az vozdam". The drone also shows the coat of arms of Ukraine, stylized as a bird.

Secret drone attacking refinery in Russian Ryazan: DetailsPhoto: Focus news agency

Not the first use

Earlier, according to Defense Express, Liutyi was probably spotted during an attack on an aircraft factory in Taganrog on March 9, 2024. And during a strike on a strategically important metallurgical plant in Lipetsk in late February 2024.

Drone attacks in Russia

On the night of March 13, drones attacked an oil refinery in Ryazan, Russia. Eyewitnesses reported a fire. There are also reports of injuries.

It is worth noting that this is the second night in a row that drones have attacked facilities in Russia. On the night of March 12, drone flights were recorded in some regions. An oil depot and a refinery were hit. At the time, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that it had spotted 25 drones and allegedly prevented the attack.