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Ukraine to receive NATO recommendations on Alliance membership

Ukraine to receive NATO recommendations on Alliance membership Photo: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

At a meeting on November 28-29, the heads of foreign affairs of NATO countries will give recommendations to Ukraine regarding joining the alliance. Ukraine will become a member of NATO under the condition of reforms, reports The Guardian.

"Allies agree that Ukraine will become a member of NATO. At [the Nato-Ukraine] meeting, we will agree recommendations for Ukrainians … reforms, as we continue to support Kyiv on this path to Nato membership," says the Secretary-General.

This month, Germany and the Netherlands pledged to give Ukraine 10 billion euros. Allies, including the United States and Finland, are sending additional funds for air defense and ammunition to protect Ukrainian cities from Russian attacks, he added.

Stoltenberg also said that Sweden's future accession to NATO "will make us all safer" and called on Turkey and Hungary to complete its ratification.

Implementation of the decisions of the NATO summit

As Stoltenberg noted, NATO allies are monitoring and implementing the decisions they made regarding Ukraine and NATO membership at the summit in Vilnius in July this year.

"We made three important decisions. First of all we shortened Ukraine’s path to membership from a two-step process to one step process by removing the requirement for a membership action plan for Ukraine, so that step has already been taken," he says.

According to him, secondly, the NATO-Ukraine Council was created, which is an important body where Ukraine and all NATO allies meet at the same table with the same rights and the same obligations, and it is a body where you can "make decisions together."

Thirdly, the Secretary-General noted, that a program to ensure full operational interoperability between Ukrainian forces and NATO forces was agreed upon, which will help Ukraine get closer to the Alliance.

"On top of that, of course, the fact that Nato allies are delivering F-16s, battle tanks, artillery, training; all of that is in a very practical way, helping Ukraine to come closer to Nato because they are more and more capable of operating and working together with Nato soldiers and based on Nato doctrines and training procedures," Stoltenberg adds.

Ukraine-NATO Council

The Ukraine-NATO Council was created based on the results of the NATO Summit in Vilnius in July 2023. At the end of November, the first meeting of the foreign ministers of the NATO Council - Ukraine will take place. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken will take part in it.