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Euro-2024: Ukraine's national team gets first playoff opponent

Euro-2024: Ukraine's national team gets first playoff opponent Ukraine's national team two steps away from a trip to Germany (Photo:

The opponent of Ukraine's national team in the 1/2 finals of the League of Nations playoffs is Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to the UEFA EURO 2024 play-off draw broadcast.

Ukraine's national team have entered Group B of the UEFA-sponsored tournament. In this mini-tournament, four teams vie for a single spot in the European Championship.

On March 21, Ukraine will confront Bosnia and Herzegovina, while Israel and Iceland will compete in the other semi-final. The victors will face off in the final on March 26. Although Serhiy Rebrov's team faces the Balkans away, the decisive match will be on home turf for the Ukrainians. The winner of Group B will secure a spot in Euro-2024.

In Group A, the Polish national team will clash with Estonia in the semi-final, while the Welsh national team will take on Finland at home. The winner of the second semi-final will host the mini-tournament final.

In Group C, Georgia's national team will host Luxembourg, and the Greek national team will face Kazakhstan at home. The stronger team between Georgia and Luxembourg will host the decisive match for a place at the European Championship.