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Ukraine requests ammo and air defense systems, not soldiers, Estonian PM says

Ukraine requests ammo and air defense systems, not soldiers, Estonian PM says Prime Minister of Estonia Kaja Kallas (Photo: Kaja_Kallas)
Author: Daria Shekina

Estonian ground forces will not deploy to fight in Ukraine. Kyiv did not request soldiers to be sent to them; it was about supplying air defense systems and ammunition, states Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas.

"No mention of sending ground forces was made; we talked about sending soldiers there. I can assure you just as confidently that our soldiers will not go there to fight. I can assure you of this, as can other heads of state," states Kallas.

She has added that all countries fear involvement in war, so she knows what leaders of different states were discussing. She also reports that Ukraine requested not soldiers, but ammunition and air defense systems.

"In order for us not to deploy to war there, we need to make efforts to end this war in Ukraine, which we are doing," Kallas says.

She also adds that Ukraine requested the preparation of Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers, support, and political isolation of Russia.

Discussion of sending Western troops to Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron did not rule out NATO deploying troops to assist Ukraine. The main problem, according to him, is the absence of consensus on this issue at present.

A number of NATO countries have already spoken out against this idea, including Germany, Czechia, Bulgaria, Spain, and Italy.

However, there are countries willing to consider such a possibility, such as Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

Canada, also a NATO member, stated that it is ready to send troops to Ukraine, but only to train Ukrainian defenders away from the front lines.