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Ukraine prepares for heating season challenges: PM on current situation

Ukraine prepares for heating season challenges: PM on current situation Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

Ukraine is actively engaged in repair and maintenance efforts across its nuclear power plants, thermal and hydroelectric generation facilities, as well as its electrical grid. A substantial part of the work has already been completed, according to Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal.

"As summer heats up, the preparations for winter, our energy sector remains steadfast in addressing potential threats, risks, and challenges of the upcoming heating season. However, it is crucial for citizens to be well-informed about the real status of affairs," Shmyhal added.

He highlighted the following results:

  • According to the Ministry of Energy, five nuclear reactor units have been successfully repaired, with four more units currently undergoing maintenance.
  • Thermal power stations - 24 energy blocks have been repaired and are under maintenance, representing 62% of the total capacity.
  • CHP power stations - 70% have been repaired, with the remaining 30% undergoing maintenance efforts.
  • Hydroelectric power stations - repairs completed and ongoing on 32 HPP, it's 68% of the total capacity.

Additionally, Ukrenergo (a national energy company) has completed 80% of repairs on major power transmission lines. Shmyhal added, "High-voltage substations have been restored to pre-war levels."

Shmyhal also informed on the new multi-level protection for energy facilities. "The upcoming winter will be challenging, but we are prepared to endure. We are equipping ourselves with all necessary measures," the Prime Minister assured.

Public expectations for the winter season

A recent survey conducted by the Democratic Initiatives Foundation revealed that a majority of Ukrainians (60%) expect the potential shelling of cities from Russia in the coming months. Furthermore, 45% anticipate disruptions in electricity, heating, or water supply, along with a rise in prices for essential goods (40%).

According to data from the Razumkov Center, trust in the Ukrainian government stands at 39%, while 52% of Ukrainians are skeptical. President, however, maintains strong trust among the Ukrainian people, with an 80% approval rating.