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Ukraine exports record electricity volume to five countries today

Ukraine exports record electricity volume to five countries today Photo: Ukraine's electricity exports will set a new record on March 4 (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

During the day on March 4, a record amount of electricity is planned to be exported - 13,264 MWh, with a maximum capacity of up to 716 MW in some hours. Ukrainian electricity will be exported to five countries: Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Moldova, according to Ukrenergo.

The company points out that electricity exports from Ukraine to other countries are carried out only if there is no deficit in the power system.

"High water in rivers and sunny weather contribute to the active operation of hydroelectric and renewable energy plants. Thanks to this, electricity producers are able not only to fully meet the needs of Ukrainian consumers but also to sell electricity to neighboring countries, receiving funds for further recovery after the armed attacks of the Russians," the statement says.

Consumption and generation

According to Ukrenergo, the warm weather keeps electricity consumption at a consistently low level for the heating season. Today, March 4, as of 10 a.m., the level of electricity consumption is 2.9% lower than the corresponding indicator of the previous business day - Friday, March 1.

"Electricity generated by power plants of all types is sufficient to ensure energy supply to all legal and household consumers. No deficit in the power system is expected," the statement says.

On March 4, electricity imports are planned in small volumes in the evening hours from Slovakia, Moldova, and Romania. The total volume is 132 MWh, with a maximum capacity of up to 62 MW in some hours.

Export and import

Starting from March 1, the technically possible maximum capacity for electricity exports from Ukraine and Moldova to Europe is 550 MW per hour. This decision was made by 29 transmission system operators (TSOs) of ENTSO-E continental Europe based on modeling the security and stability of the integrated power system of Europe and Ukraine.

Starting from December 1, the technical possibility of importing electricity from Europe to Ukraine and Moldova is 1700 MW.

"On February 22, Ukrenergo held the first joint auctions for the allocation of access to interconnectors between Ukraine and Hungary on the European universal allocation platform JAO (Joint Allocation Office).