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Ukraine disables one-third of Russia's Black Sea fleet

Ukraine disables one-third of Russia's Black Sea fleet Illustrative photo (Russia media)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The Ukrainian military has disabled about 33% of Russia's Black Sea Fleet since the start of the full-scale invasion, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine's Strategic Communications.

"About 33% of the warships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation were disabled by Ukraine during the large-scale invasion," the statement says.

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ukrainian military disabled 24 Russian ships and one submarine.

It is known from open sources that as of the beginning of the large-scale invasion, the Russian Black Sea Fleet had 74 warships.

Sinking of Russian Ivanovets missile boat

On the night of February 1, fighters of one of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine units destroyed the Russian Black Sea Fleet missile boat Ivanovets with MAGURA V5 marine drones. The cost of the ship is 60-70 million dollars.

This boat was considered the "pride" of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. According to the representative of the DIU Andrii Yusov, there were only three such boats in Russia.

Read more about the boat Ivanovets, which was sunk by the DIU drones, in the RBC-Ukraine article.

After the destruction of the Ivanovets boat, Russian troops hid the missile launchers with Kalibrs in their base points.

Ukrainian Armed Forces missile strike on Kerch

On November 4, the Ukrainian Defense Forces attacked the Zaliv shipyard in Crimea.

The attack damaged the Kalibr cruise missile carrier, the Askold corvette, which the occupiers were going to launch and join the Russian Black Sea Fleet in December 2023.

The Strategic Communications Directorate of the Armed Forces of Ukraine notes that the Ukrainian Defense Forces inflicted significant damage on the enemy ship. Askold is probably beyond repair.