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Ukraine determining origin of missiles used by Russian forces to shell Kharkiv

Ukraine determining origin of missiles used by Russian forces to shell Kharkiv Photo: Authorities determines the country of origin of the missiles used by Russia to shell Kharkiv (

Law enforcement is determining the country of origin for the rockets that Russia used to strike Kharkiv on January 2. Two people died as a result of the shelling, according to the Kharkiv regional prosecutor's office.

The prosecutors reported that together with investigators and experts, they conducted an additional examination of the rocket fragments.

The purpose of the investigative action is to verify the version of the production of these rocket munitions outside of Russia. Information obtained during the additional examination will be provided to experts for comprehensive forensic explosive, explosive technical, and military expertise.

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The examination was conducted by prosecutors of the regional prosecutor's office, police investigators, SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) employees, and collaborators of the Scientific Center of the Air Forces at Kharkiv National University named after Ivan Kozhedub.

Massive shelling of Ukraine on January 2

Russian occupiers repeated the large-scale shelling on January 2, similar to the one on December 29. Initially, the Russians launched 35 kamikaze drones, all of which were shot down. Afterward, 99 rockets of various types were launched across Ukraine.

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valerii Zaluzhnyi reported that air defense forces shot down 72 rockets, including all 10 Kinzhals. The main targets for the enemy were Kyiv and Kharkiv. Three rocket hits were recorded in the Shevchenkivskyi district of Kharkiv.

Russia using ballistic missiles from North Korea

White House National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby announced that Russia purchased ballistic missiles from North Korea and used them to strike Ukraine.

Soon after, it was reported in the WP that North Korea could have transferred several dozen ballistic missiles to Russia for strikes on Ukraine.

Today, the spokesperson for the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Yurii Ihnat, stated that the Ukrainian Air Force cannot currently confirm information about Russia's use of ballistic missiles provided by North Korea.