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Ukraine Defense Ministry expedites supply of new weapons to military

Ukraine Defense Ministry expedites supply of new weapons to military Photo: in Ukraine, the terms of delivery of new weapons to the army have been shortened (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The terms of delivery of new weapons to the troops in Ukraine will be reduced to 20 days. In particular, this will become possible due to the fact that it will be tested immediately on the battlefield, reports the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Such an acceleration became possible thanks to the amendments to Cabinet Resolution No. 345 of February 25, 2015, which were introduced at the Cabinet meeting on November 21. They were initiated by the Minister of Defense Rustem Umerov.

"As a result of these changes, the process of supplying new samples of weapons and military equipment will be reduced to 20 days, although this period may change depending on the quality and completeness of the materials provided by the manufacturer," the department notes.

How was it before?

Before that, in order for weapons or equipment to get to the Armed Forces, manufacturers had to go through a procedure that consisted of six stages and could take several months. From now on, one of the longest bureaucratic hurdles has been removed from it - issuing an order on admission to operation. His agreement with various structures of the Defense Ministry and the General Staff usually lasted about a month.

Benefits of change

The updated fast track for the supply of weapons, in addition to shortening delivery terms, also provides for shortening of terms at other stages. In particular, the testing of new weapons and verification of their combat characteristics will take place directly on the battlefield.

"In the case of successful results, no additional tests are needed, as was the case, for example, with the wheeled self-propelled howitzer Bohdana, which has proven itself excellently during combat missions," the Ministry of Defense cites as an example.

Another important change concerns the procurement of the most in-demand classes of drones (micro and mini) civilian or dual-purpose, which can be converted for combat missions.

"From now on, the state customer can purchase such UAVs, even if they have not been put into operation and codified as an item of supply," the ministry adds.