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UK tests advanced DragonFire laser weapon: Unique features

UK tests advanced DragonFire laser weapon: Unique features DragonFire (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The United Kingdom has tested a military laser of the "future" that will help improve the accuracy of military firing and reduce dependence on expensive ammunition, according to the UK Ministry of Defense.

During the tests, the system fired powerful shots at the air force. The range of DragonFire is classified, but it is capable of hitting any visible target.

"DragonFire exploits UK technology to be able to deliver a high power laser over long ranges. The precision required is equivalent to hitting a £1 coin from a kilometer away," the UK Ministry of Defense writes.

The weapon strikes targets at the speed of light and uses an intense beam of light to cut through the target. In particular, it is capable of inflicting an even greater impact if the warhead hits the target.

"Firing it for 10 seconds is the cost equivalent of using a regular heater for just an hour. Therefore, it has the potential to be a long-term low-cost alternative to certain tasks missiles currently carry out. The cost of operating the laser is typically less than £10 per shot," the press service adds.

Photo: DragonFire (

UK Army will consider this technology as its future air defense capabilities.

"This type of cutting-edge weaponry has the potential to revolutionise the battlespace by reducing the reliance on expensive ammunition, while also lowering the risk of collateral damage. Investments with industry partners in advanced technologies like DragonFire are crucial in a highly contested world, helping us maintain the battle-winning edge and keep the nation safe," says Defense Minister Grant Shapps.

Earlier, RBC-Ukraine wrote that the Israeli company Rafael recently tested the Spyder AiO air defense system.