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UK's MoD declassifies video of DragonFire laser weapon in action

UK's MoD declassifies video of DragonFire laser weapon in action British laser weapon DragonFire (Screenshot from video)
Author: Daria Shekina

The Ministry of Defense of Great Britain has released a video of the laser weapon of the future DragonFire firing at aerial targets, according to the Ministry of Defense of Britain.

The first trial of a military laser, designed to enhance shooting accuracy and reduce dependence on expensive ammunition, took place on January 19.

During the tests, the system delivered powerful shots at aerial targets. The range of the DragonFire is classified, but it is capable of hitting any visible target.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Britain, DragonFire utilizes British technology, allowing the delivery of high-power lasers over long distances. The required precision is equivalent to hitting a one-pound coin from a kilometer away, British military officials reported.

It is noted that the weapon strikes targets at the speed of light and uses an intense beam of light to cut through the target. The use of the laser for 10 seconds is equivalent in cost to using a conventional heater for an hour. The operating cost of DragonFire typically does not exceed £10 per shot.

Earlier, it was reported that Israeli company Rafael conducted tests of the Spyder AiO air defense system.