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UK intelligence suggests Ukraine and Russia confronted with new dilemma

UK intelligence suggests Ukraine and Russia confronted with new dilemma Photo: UK intelligence believes that Ukraine and the Russian Federation faced a new dilemma (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Attacks on military brigades in the rear indicate that Ukraine and Russia have faced a new dilemma. The problem concerns the deployment of troops, the UK Ministry of Defense reports.

UK intelligence notes that Russian forces in Ukraine continue to suffer massive casualties due to long-range precision strikes by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

So, on November 10, probably more than 70 Russian soldiers were killed as a result of an attack on a convoy of trucks. It happened in the village of Hladkivka, Kherson region, 23 km from the front line.

Also, on November 19, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked Russian servicemen of the 810th Brigade during the award ceremony in Kumachovo. Intelligence notes that Ukraine also suffered losses. It is about the tragedy in the Zaporizhzhia region involving the soldiers of the 128th separate mountain assault brigade.

In the UK, it is emphasized that the military in the combat zone is well aware of the range of the enemy's weapons systems. However, as intelligence points out, commanders face a sharp dilemma over the deployment of their troops.

"They (commanders, ed.) must balance the best practice of keeping the troops dispersed, and less vulnerable to strikes, and the day-to-day requirement to gather units together to conduct administration and to maintain morale," the summary reads.

Attack on the 810th brigade of the Russians

On November 19, the Ukrainian military hit the Russians on the Day of Missile and Artillery Forces. It happened during the award ceremony. The Ukrainians called this strike revenge on terrorists for the attack on our soldiers in the Zaporizhzhia direction, namely, the 128th separate mountain assault brigade.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed the attack on the concentration of occupiers of the 810th Marine Brigade in the Kherson region.