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UK advocates for recognizing Palestine as a separate state, Cameron

UK advocates for recognizing Palestine as a separate state, Cameron David Cameron (Getty Images)

Britain is considering formally recognizing Palestine as a separate state, according to the country's Foreign Secretary, David Cameron. He argues that providing Palestinians with a clear political path is crucial for fostering peace in the Middle East, BBC and The Times of Israel report.

Speaking at a Westminster reception, Cameron stated that there should be "irreversible progress" toward a two-state solution before considering formal recognition of a Palestinian state, possibly at the United Nations level.

Cameron believes that the UK has a responsibility to articulate the vision of a Palestinian state. “We have a responsibility there because we should be starting to set out what a Palestinian state would look like; what it would comprise; how it would work,” he says.

The Foreign Secretary suggested that Britain could formally recognize a Palestinian state not only as part of a final peace deal but also earlier in the negotiation process. He emphasized the necessity of quickly establishing a new Palestinian authority with competent leaders capable of governing Gaza. According to him, Hamas’s leaders would be expelled to another country.

Cameron also urged Israel to allow more humanitarian support into Gaza, criticizing Israel for restricting access at the border. He also criticized Israel for the perceived failure to provide security to its citizens over the past three decades.

Cameron acknowledged the difficulty of reaching a long-term deal and outlined key conditions, including the release of all hostages, guarantees against Hamas launching attacks on Israel, and the departure of Hamas leadership from Gaza.

The diplomat called for a pause in the fighting and expressed optimism about the ongoing negotiations. The key struggle would be to "turn that pause into a sustainable ceasefire without a return to the fighting", according to him.

The UK has a role in trying to fix the current war in Gaza because it was involved in the past. In 1948, it played a part in Israel taking control of most of Palestine.

For a while, Britain has been in favor of a five-point plan that suggests Israelis and Palestinians have their own countries. Now Cameron is set to start his fourth visit to the region since becoming Foreign Secretary.

Israel-Hamas war in Gaza

On October 7, 2023, Hamas militants invaded Israel, killing over 1,200 people and taking 240 hostages. In response, the Israeli army launched a large-scale military operation against the militants in the Gaza Strip.

Since the initiation of hostilities triggered by a Hamas attack, the toll on Gaza has been severe, with over 26,000 casualties and more than 65,000 wounded, according to Gaza's Health Ministry.

On January 26, the International Court of Justice ruled Israel must take all measures to prevent genocide in Gaza. However, the court did not demand Israel stop its military actions in the conflict-ridden area, and no immediate ceasefire call was issued.

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu earlier rejected the terms Hamas proposed to stop the war and free the hostages, as they included Israel pulling out completely and allowing Hamas to stay in control in Gaza. He outlined 3 conditions for ending the war against the Palestinian militants of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.