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Netanyahu outlined 3 conditions for ending war in the Gaza Strip

Netanyahu outlined 3 conditions for ending war in the Gaza Strip Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu (photo: GettyImages)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has outlined the conditions that must be met for the conclusion of the war against Palestinian militants Hamas in the Gaza Strip, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Israeli leader stated that the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and many other countries support Israel's intention to eliminate the terrorist group.

He added that to achieve this goal, Hamas's military capability must be dismantled, and its political control over Gaza must come to an end.

Netanyahu noted that to conclude the war, Israel needs to achieve three objectives:

  • destroy Hamas;
  • demilitarize Gaza;
  • deradicalize Palestinian society.

The Prime Minister of Israel stated that ensuring conditions for Gaza to never again be used as a base for attacks on his country would require the establishment of a temporary security zone around the perimeter of the sector and an inspection mechanism at the border with Egypt.

"Once Hamas is destroyed, Gaza is demilitarized and Palestinian society begins a deradicalization process, Gaza can be rebuilt and the prospects of a broader peace in the Middle East will become a reality," said the head of the Israeli government.

Israel-Hamas war

On October 7, Hamas militants invaded Israel, engaging in killing and kidnapping both military and civilian individuals. Shortly thereafter, Jerusalem declared Operation Iron Swords and launched strikes on terrorist locations in the Gaza Strip.

A temporary ceasefire for the release of prisoners commenced between Tel Aviv and the militants on November 24. However, Israel claims that hostilities resumed on December 1 due to Hamas violating the terms of the ceasefire.

On December 20, Israel proposed a one-week ceasefire to the Palestinians, which Hamas rejected.

On December 14, the White House announced that the United States wants the war between Israel and Hamas to end as soon as possible. On the same day, Israel's Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant, stated that the war would last for several more months despite international pressure.

Benjamin Netanyahu insisted that international pressure would not halt the war against Hamas.