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Israel offers Hamas week-long truce: Details

Israel offers Hamas week-long truce: Details Israel offers Hamas week-long truce (photo: Getty Images)

Israel proposes to suspend hostilities in Gaza for at least one week. This is the first proposal since the last ceasefire failed, reports Axios.

About 130 Israeli and foreign citizens are still being held hostage in the Gaza Strip. White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said on Tuesday that those included eight Americans.

Under the new deal, freedom would be given to women, men over 60, and other hostages who are sick or seriously injured and in need of urgent medical attention.

As part of this proposal, Israel said it would agree to a temporary ceasefire for at least one week. In the previous agreement, Israel agreed to a one-week pause in its attacks in the Gaza Strip in exchange for 80 hostages.

Israel has also suggested that it might free Palestinian prisoners convicted of more serious attacks on Israel than those released under the previous deal. Israeli officials say that there are dozens of such Palestinian prisoners, they are old or sick and could be released as part of a humanitarian deal.

War in Israel

On October 7, Hamas militants invaded Israel. They killed and kidnapped soldiers and civilians. In response, Israel announced the launch of Operation Iron Swords and shelled terrorist sites.

On November 24, Israel signed an agreement with Hamas on a ceasefire and the release of hostages. The first group of hostages was released the same day.

The ceasefire lasted until December 1. Afterward, the IDF announced that the agreement was broken because Hamas shelled Israeli territory.

The Prime Minister of Qatar, representing Hamas, and representatives of Israel met in the Polish capital Warsaw. They discussed a new agreement on the release of hostages.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog said that the country is ready for a second humanitarian pause to release the hostages.