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Prisoner exchange discussed: Qatar's PM meets heads of CIA and Mossad in Poland

Prisoner exchange discussed: Qatar's PM meets heads of CIA and Mossad in Poland Illustrative photo: Qatar's prime minister meets heads of CIA and Mossad in Poland (Getty Images)

The Prime Minister of Qatar, as well as the heads of the CIA and Mossad, met in Poland to discuss further options for the exchange of prisoners, reports Reuters.

According to the sources, the meeting was positive, but a new hostage deal is not expected in the near future. According to the agency, the talks took place in the Polish capital Warsaw.

During the conversation, a possible new agreement on the release of Israelis held captive by Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip in exchange for Palestinians held in Israeli prisons, as well as a "humanitarian pause" in hostilities, was discussed.

"The talks were positive with negotiators exploring and discussing different proposals in an attempt to progress on negotiations," a source familiar with the talks told Reuters.

The war between Israel and Hamas

Hamas militants invaded Israel in early October. Soon after, the Israeli army launched Operation Iron Swords. On November 24, Tel Aviv and the militants began a temporary truce to release prisoners.

Already on December 1, hostilities resumed, according to Israel, due to a violation of the truce by Hamas.

U.S. President Joe Biden stated that Israel was beginning to lose global support because of the "indiscriminate bombing" of the Gaza Strip. Also, the UN General Assembly voted by a majority to demand a ceasefire.

Earlier it became known that Israel and Hamas are open to the resumption of the ceasefire and the release of hostages, although there are still disagreements about how this will be done.