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U.S. urges China not to interfere in Taiwan's elections

U.S. urges China not to interfere in Taiwan's elections U.S. urged China not to interfere in the parliamentary and presidential elections in Taiwan (photo: Getty Images)

The United States has sent a clear signal to China, expressing opposition to any external interference or influence on future presidential and parliamentary elections in Taiwan, according to Reuters.

A senior official in the Biden administration stated that Washington has no intention of interfering in the electoral process on the island.

"We oppose any outside interference or influence in Taiwan's elections. Regardless of whom is elected, our policy toward Taiwan will remain the same and our strong unofficial relationship will also continue," the official said.

Additionally, he urged the Chinese government not to escalate or destabilize the situation in Taiwan.

"I will note that the election is part of a normal, routine, democratic process. Beijing will be the provocateur should it choose to respond with additional military pressure or coercion," stated a representative of the Biden administration.

According to Reuters, the United States plans to send an unofficial delegation to Taiwan after the elections for direct talks.

Parliamentary and presidential elections in Taiwan are scheduled for January 13.

Escalation of tensions between China and Taiwan

China views Taiwan as a separatist province and seeks to regain full control over it. The island nation, in turn, considers itself independent, with a separate economy and democratically elected leaders.

At the end of December, Chinese President Xi Jinping declared the inevitable reunification of Taiwan with mainland China and promised to vigorously resist any attempts to separate the island. Beijing also resumed military activities near the island.

In response, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen stated that the relations between her country and China should be determined by the will of the people, and the world should be based on dignity.

The United States provides military assistance to Taiwan, leading to heightened tensions between Washington and Beijing.

U.S. President Joe Biden plans to send a delegation of former American officials to Taiwan. They will arrive on the island immediately after the elections in Taipei on January 13.