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U.S. transferred 2 additional high-voltage autotransformers to Ukraine

U.S. transferred 2 additional high-voltage autotransformers to Ukraine The U.S. has transferred two high-voltage autotransformers to Ukrenergo (photo: GettyImages)

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the U.S. government have delivered two additional high-voltage autotransformers to the National Energy Company Ukrenergo, according to Ukrenergo.

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink has revealed that the U.S. government reaffirms its readiness to continue supporting the national Ukrainian energy company in procuring high-tech equipment and additional autotransformers to ensure electricity supply to Ukrainians during the winter.

It is noted that the new equipment is already operational at Ukrenergo facilities in regions that were most affected by mass missile attacks from Russia last winter.

The company stated that autotransformers are key components of the main energy infrastructure, ensuring the reliability of the electricity supply. The manufacturing and delivery of such equipment take about a year.

The two new autotransformers represent the first stage of a humanitarian aid project, within which USAID will purchase and transfer an additional 16 autotransformers to Ukrenergo.

U.S. aid in protecting Ukraine's energy facilities

The U.S. has allocated $522 million to purchase energy equipment and support the protection of Ukraine's energy system.

Recently, the U.S. also delivered two powerful autotransformers to Ukraine, aiming to enhance the reliability of energy supply to consumers.

Additionally, Ukraine has received 20 thousand tons of metal from USAID for the construction of facilities to protect energy objects from potential Russian attacks using drones and missiles.