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U.S. revealed Kremlin cunning plan and called to stop Putin

U.S. revealed Kremlin cunning plan and called to stop Putin U.S. strongly condemned the rocket shelling of Ukraine by Russia (photo: Getty Images)

Advisor-Ambassador of the U.S. mission to the UN, John Kelly, condemned the extensive shelling of Ukrainian territory by Russia and urged the world to stop dictator Vladimir Putin's attempts to destroy the country and its people, according to an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council.

The U.S. representative deemed Russia's organized meeting at the UN Security Council two days ago, discussing the events of the Revolution of Dignity and their impact on the situation in Ukraine, as absurd.

Kelly called it a cunning plan because, during this meeting in Moscow, Russia was planning its most extensive missile strike on Ukraine.

"This is what Russia demanded the Council be distracted with this week, while it was planning its largest aerial assault against Ukraine, its cities, and its critical infrastructure since the beginning of its illegal full-scale invasion," stated the U.S. representative.

He also referred to President Joe Biden's statement in which the White House leader called Russia's attack a stark reminder that Vladimir Putin has not abandoned his goals to destroy Ukraine and emphasized the need to stop him.

"We ask all Council members here today to join us in condemning in the strongest terms this abhorrent attack on cities and civilian infrastructure across Ukraine," emphasized the U.S. representative.

According to him, any criminal lies by the Russians about supposedly targeting military objectives will not hide the devastation across the country, as well as the thousands of innocent lives lost since the beginning of the war.

The most extensive shelling of Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion

On Friday, December 29, Russian invaders launched the most extensive attack on Ukraine since the full-scale war began. Initially, the aggressor deployed kamikaze drones, followed by rocket strikes on cities using various types, including hypersonic missiles.

In total, 158 enemy targets were launched across Ukraine. The Ukrainian air defense managed to shoot down 114 objects, including 27 Shahed combat drones and 87 cruise missiles X-101/X-555/X-55.

Due to debris and rocket impacts, there are casualties and injuries among the civilian population in various regions of Ukraine.

Ukraine called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the extensive shelling of the country.

U.S. President Joe Biden issued a statement strongly condemning the Russian shelling of Ukraine. The White House chief emphasized that Putin is attempting to destroy Ukraine and its people and stressed the need to stop him.