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U.S. Congress yet to approve funding for Ukraine

U.S. Congress yet to approve funding for Ukraine House of Representatives Speaker Mike Johnson (photo: Getty Images)

Republicans in the U.S. Congress want an explanation of Washington's strategy toward Ukraine from President Joe Biden's administration. The timing of the approval of a new funding package for Ukraine will depend on this, states House Speaker Mike Johnson.

When asked by a journalist whether the U.S. Congress would have time to agree on funding for Ukraine by February, the speaker said that, in his opinion, there are more important things.

"There are two things that are necessary: we must secure the U.S. border before we secure anyone else's," Johnson said.

He explained that they are currently waiting for information from the White House and answers to questions about what the ultimate goal is in Ukraine.

"If we get the necessary information, and the necessary answers with regard to what is the endgame in Ukraine, and how will we be responsible with the expenditure of those resources. The White House has not given us the necessary information," he added.

The situation with U.S. aid to Ukraine

This week, the White House said that the United States no longer has the funds to provide Ukraine with new military aid packages.

According to National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby, U.S. President Joe Biden signed the last security assistance package for which "we have the authority to provide funds."

In turn, House Speaker Mike Johnson said he is considering holding direct talks with U.S. President Joe Biden on aid to Ukraine.

Overall, Johnson insists that Biden adopt a number of conservative immigration changes, including new restrictions on the president's ability to grant immigrants relief from deportation and changes to the criteria for granting asylum.