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U.S. and NATO deeply concerned over Russia's potential purchase of North Korean missiles

U.S. and NATO deeply concerned over Russia's potential purchase of North Korean missiles The U.S. and NATO express concerns over the prospects of Russia supplying North Korean missiles (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

European and American officials are concerned about the potential increase in Russia's supply of North Korean missiles and munitions, reports The New York Times.

The emergence of North Korean missiles in the Russian arsenal could pose serious challenges for Ukrainian air defense systems.

According to the material, North Korean missiles have the potential to assist the Russian military in overcoming Ukrainian air defense, which has been effectively safeguarding strategic assets within Ukraine.

As the media agency notes, Russia has received no more than fifty ballistic missiles of North Korean origin so far.

Research has shown that, unlike North Korean projectiles, these missiles are not outdated; their design is modern, and they are precision-guided.

"But if North Korea steps up its supply, Ukraine could be forced to shoot off precious rounds of air defenses, a development that could be devastating to Ukraine if additional military funding is not approved by Congress," the material notes.

Transfer of weapons from North Korea to Russia

On January 4, White House National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby stated that Russia had purchased ballistic missiles from North Korea, which were already used in strikes against Ukraine.

According to The Wall Street Journal, North Korea may have transferred several dozen ballistic missiles to the Russian military for use against Ukraine.

Subsequently, information emerged that occupiers had struck Kharkiv with North Korean missiles, a fact later confirmed by the prosecutor's office with additional details.

Recently, the White House stated that Russian occupiers continued to bombard Ukraine with ballistic missiles from North Korea. However, North Korea denied this.

Representatives of the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine stated that North Korea actively supplied ammunition to Russia throughout the fall. According to the agency's estimates, this involves approximately one million artillery shells.

Yesterday, according to a British report, it became known that Russian ships are loading up in a North Korean port, as indicated by satellite imagery.