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Russia fired North Korean missile at Kharkiv: Evidence presented

Russia fired North Korean missile at Kharkiv: Evidence presented Fragments of a missile used by the Russian Federation to hit Kharkiv on January 2 (photo:

Russian troops used a missile sourced from North Korea to strike Kharkiv last Tuesday, January 2. The relevant evidence was provided today, January 6, by the Kharkiv Region Prosecutor's Office, reports Reuters.

According to prosecutor's office spokesperson Dmytro Chubenko, one of the several missiles that hit the city on January 2 was visually and technically different from Russian models.

"The production method is not very modern. There are deviations from standard Iskander missiles, which we previously saw during strikes on Kharkiv. This missile is similar to one of the North Korean missiles," Chubenko told media as he displayed the remnants.

He said the missile was slightly bigger in diameter than the Russian Iskander missile, while its nozzle, internal electrical windings, and rear parts were also different.

"That is why we are leaning towards the version that this may be a missile which was supplied by North Korea."

Meanwhile, Chubenko declined to give the missile's exact model name.

Missile attack on Kharkiv on January 2

On January 2, at about 07:30, Russian occupants launched a massive missile attack on civilian objects in the central part of Kharkiv. Three missile hits were recorded in the Shevchenkivskyi district.

Two people were killed and 62 more injured as a result of the enemy shelling.

On January 5, Kharkiv prosecutors, together with investigators and experts, conducted an additional examination of the missile debris to verify the version that they were manufactured outside the Russian Federation.

The issue of the DPRK's missile transfer to Russia

On January 4, in the evening, White House National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby said that Russia had acquired ballistic missiles from North Korea, which have already been used to strike Ukraine.

On January 4, The Washington Post reported that North Korea could have transferred several dozen ballistic missiles to Russia for strikes against Ukraine.