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UK detects and reports to UN North Korea's arms supplies to Russia

UK detects and reports to UN North Korea's arms supplies to Russia Britain records transfer of North Korea's weapons to Russia (
Author: Maria Kholina

Russian ships are loading up in a North Korean port, according to the UK's satellite imagery. This development comes amid accusations of Pyongyang supplying missiles and projectiles to Moscow, according to The Guardian.

The UK has provided satellite photos of North Korean cargo shipments to Russia to a UN expert group, aiming to initiate an official investigation into arms deals in violation of international sanctions.

The report suggests that North Korea is accused of supplying ballistic missiles and hundreds of thousands of artillery shells to the Russian government for use in the conflict in Ukraine since the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un in the Russian Far East in September of last year.

The report speculates that the bilateral relations between the two authoritarian countries are expanding. Recently, Putin met with North Korean Foreign Minister Cho Son Hui in the Kremlin during her visit to Russia, discussing the "further development of our relations in all areas, including sensitive ones," according to a Kremlin representative.

Three North Korean ships to Russia

The undisclosed British intelligence report contains images taken from September to December, showing three Russian ships – Maia, Angara, and Maria – loading containers at the rejuvenated North Korean port of Nakhodka before transiting to Russian ports in the Far East.

The agency reports that it cannot identify the contents of the containers. However, this occurred after the United States announced last week that ballistic missiles from North Korea were used by Russia in Ukraine.

UN representative's statement on deliveries

"Russia’s use of North Korean weapons in Ukraine is a violation of multiple UN security council resolutions," said a UN diplomat, emphasizing that these actions undermine international efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and highlight Russia's disgrace following its failed invasion.

"This and other evidence submitted to the UN sanctions committee should trigger a full investigation into Russia and DPRK’s [North Korea’s] flagrant breaking of international sanctions," he emphasized.

The report, along with evidence from the United States and other countries, has been submitted to a UN expert group on North Korean disarmament.

Experts are expected to publish their first final report on this matter next month, building on existing information about the transfer of weapons from North Korea to Russia.

Британия зафіксувала збройні поставки Північної Кореї до РФ та передала їх в ООН

Photo: Confirmation of the transfer of goods from the DPRK to the Russian Federation shown on UK satellite images (

Transfer of weapons from North Korea to Russia

On January 4, White House National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby announced that Russia had purchased ballistic missiles from North Korea, which were already used in strikes against Ukraine.

According to The Wall Street Journal, North Korea may have transferred several dozen ballistic missiles to the Russian army for strikes against Ukraine.

Later, information surfaced that occupiers had attacked Kharkiv with North Korean missiles. The prosecutor's office confirmed this and provided details.

Recently, the White House stated that Russian occupiers continue to shell Ukraine with ballistic missiles from North Korea. However, North Korea itself denies this.

Representatives of the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence Directorate announced that North Korea actively supplied ammunition to Russia throughout the fall. According to the agency's estimates, this involves about one million artillery shells.