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U.S. and allies to conduct major anti-submarine warfare exercises in Pacific Ocean

U.S. and allies to conduct major anti-submarine warfare exercises in Pacific Ocean U.S. and allies to conduct anti-submarine warfare exercises in the Pacific Ocean (photo:

The United States, South Korea, India, Australia, and Japan will conduct joint anti-submarine warfare exercises near Guam in the Pacific Ocean. It is known that the international maneuvers will commence today, November 16, and continue until January 25, reports Yonhаp.

It is reported that during the exercises, the allies will hone their capabilities in combating underwater threats from potential adversary countries.

Maritime patrol aircraft from four Indo-Pacific nations - Australia, India, Japan, and South Korea - have deployed to the U.S. Air Force's Andersen base in Guam.

Australia has announced the deployment of two Royal Australian Air Force Boeing P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft, serving as the primary anti-submarine warfare platform for the country. South Korea's Navy has sent about 40 military personnel and a P-3 maritime patrol aircraft to participate in the annual Marine Dragon exercises. Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force has engaged its maritime patrol aircraft, the Kawasaki P-1, for training.

During the exercises, military personnel aboard maritime patrol aircraft will practice detecting and tracking submarines using detection equipment, including radars and hydroacoustic buoys, as well as exchanging data about submarine targets with other participants.

The classroom sessions will also enable pilots and flight officers from participating countries to formulate plans and discuss tactics, taking into account the capabilities and equipment deployed by their respective forces. The Marine Dragon exercises have been conducted since 2014.

Training of NATO member countries and allies

NATO countries and allies regularly conduct various exercises to exchange combat experience and share theoretical knowledge. The number of exercises has especially increased since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Today, on January 15, it was announced that the United Kingdom has deployed 20,000 military personnel for service across Europe as part of the extensive NATO exercise in the first half of this year. The NATO Steadfast Defender 24 exercises aim to practice defending the alliance's eastern flank.

In Romania, multinational NATO exercises took place from August 14 to 18, involving over 60 pieces of equipment.

Additionally, from June 12 to 23, NATO countries organized the largest aviation exercise, Air Defender 2023, near the borders with Russia. The exercises featured approximately 220 aircraft of 23 types, making Air Defender 2023 the largest deployment of air forces since NATO's founding in 1949.