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NATO large-scale exercises, Britain to send 20,000 troops to Europe

NATO large-scale exercises, Britain to send 20,000 troops to Europe 20,000 British troops will be sent to Europe (photo: GettyImages)

Britain will deploy 20,000 military personnel for service across Europe as part of large-scale NATO exercises in the first half of this year, according to Reuters.

For the NATO Steadfast Defender 24 exercises aimed at practicing the defense of its eastern flank, the UK will deploy military personnel, ships, and aircraft to Europe.

The deployment includes 16,000 British Army personnel based in Eastern Europe from February to June, an aircraft carrier strike group, and F35B Lightning strike fighters and reconnaissance aircraft.

"I can announce today that UK will be sending some 20,000 personnel to take part in one of NATO's largest deployments since the end of the Cold War," said UK Defense Minister Grant Shapps.

He added that the military will join forces with colleagues from 30 NATO countries and Sweden, providing a crucial deterrent against the threat from Putin.

NATO exercises

From June 12 to 23, NATO countries organized the largest aviation exercise, Air Defender 2023, near the borders with Russia. Approximately 220 aircraft of 23 types were involved in the training. This made Air Defender 2023 the largest deployment of air forces since the establishment of NATO in 1949.

Additionally, multinational NATO exercises took place in Romania from August 14 to 18. Over 60 units of military equipment were engaged in these training sessions.