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Polish Prime Minister tells which NATO military contingent is already present in Ukraine

Polish Prime Minister tells which NATO military contingent is already present in Ukraine Archive photo: Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

A certain contingent of representatives of the North Atlantic Alliance is already present on the territory of Ukraine. These are instructors and observers, states Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk during a conversation with journalists.

When asked if the UN could send troops to Ukraine, Tusk referred to the war in Yugoslavia, during which UN troops did not arrive, but NATO representatives participated and managed to end the war. The Polish official emphasized that the UN is not suitable for war but for division.

“At the moment, as you know, I don't want to intervene directly (in Ukraine) because I don't want to send troops,” he said.

Tusk further clarified that NATO is helping Ukraine as much as possible and without NATO's assistance, Ukraine would not have been able to endure for so long.

In a conversation with the journalist, Tusk mentioned that there are already a number of soldiers, observers, and engineers from NATO countries on the territory of Ukraine, but he did not specify whose military they are.

Initiative to send NATO troops to Ukraine

For the first time, French President Emmanuel Macron raised the topic of deploying Western troops to Ukraine. He said that such a scenario should not be ruled out. At the same time, Macron emphasized that there is no common opinion on this in NATO.

The United States did not support this idea, and Russia predictably began to threaten to strike French troops if they appeared in Ukraine. Macron, on the other hand, remained undeterred by the Kremlin's reaction and threats after his statement about the possible deployment of Western troops to Ukraine.

However, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg recently confirmed that the Alliance has no plans to deploy troops to Ukraine, and Kyiv has not even made such a request.