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Top-loading or front-loading: Which washing machine is best?

Top-loading or front-loading: Which washing machine is best? How to choose the best washing machine (photo: Freepik)
Author: Daryna Vialko

When buying a washing machine, many people wonder which is better: a vertical or front-loading washing machine. To buy exactly what you need, it's worth knowing what are the differences between them, according to the Huffpost website.

Front-loading washing machines can save space

Front-loading washing machines are special laundry appliances in which the loading door in the form of a transparent window is located on the side panel.

For many years, washing machines were vertical. Drums were also installed on a vertical axis. It was only at the end of the last century that designers discovered that turning the drum parallel to the horizon line gives noticeable advantages.

One of the biggest advantages of a front-loading washing machine, besides its aesthetics, is that it can be placed on top of a tumble dryer.

Front-loading washing machines require space, but you can watch the washing. Tubs, jars, and other small items can be stored on the top of the machine.

At the same time, there are several disadvantages:

  • since the front door is located closer to the floor on the side, loading things is difficult for some people. If the user has back or joint problems, it will be more difficult for them to get the laundry out;
  • small children and animals can climb inside the washing machine due to the low position of the door.

Вертикальна чи фронтальна: яка пральна машина найкраща

Front-loading washing machine (photo: Freepik)

Features of vertical-loading washing machines

Vertical-axis washing machines have a lid for loading laundry on top. This makes it very comfortable to load laundry, as you don't have to bend over.

Vertical-loading washing machines are usually smaller than horizontal ones. In addition, they do not take up much space.

Therefore, they are usually chosen for small rooms where it is necessary to use the free space properly. In addition, the risk of flooding the room in case of a breakdown is much lower.

The disadvantage of top loading is the top lid, which causes the door to open upwards, so there should be no low shelves or cabinets above the washing machine.

Вертикальна чи фронтальна: яка пральна машина найкраща

Vertical-loading washing machines (photo: Freepik)