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This method helps to get rid of flies in house

This method helps to get rid of flies in house How to get rid of flies with bay leaves (photo: Freepik)
Author: Daryna Vialko

When the weather gets warm, the problem of protecting yourself from annoying flies becomes more urgent. Instead of buying expensive sprays, you can easily prepare effective insect repellents at home, according to the House digest website.

How bay leaves can help protect against flies

Place some bay leaves in your kitchen and home to repel flies and prevent them from returning. Bay leaves have a bitter odor that many insects and pests, including flies, cannot tolerate.

Bay leaf contains eugenol, which gives it a strong aroma and characteristic taste. Insects perceive this odor with their receptors and flee from it. It is believed that the smell of bay leaves repels not only flies, but also ants, cockroaches and moths.

Take a few bay leaves and place them where you have noticed flies, or anywhere you want them to stay as far away as possible. You can use either fresh or dried bay leaves.

It's a great idea to place bay leaves next to food to mask the smell.

You need to be careful with bay leaves, because if swallowed, they are toxic for dogs and cats, so make sure they can't eat them. Whole dried bay leaves can also cause choking, so keep them away from children.

Essential oils

Flies and mosquitoes don't like the scents of clove and lavender essential oils. To create an insect repellent, add a small amount of one of these oils to a sanitary pad. Then attach the pad over your bed or sofa to keep insects away.

In addition, these oils have a calming effect and help you fall asleep faster.

To avoid insect bites while walking or being outdoors, you can use a cream with lavender or clove oil. To prepare such a cream, mix a tablespoon of moisturizer with a teaspoon of essential oil.

For children's skin, you can create a similar product by adding vanilla to a baby moisturizer.