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These zodiac signs will encounter past. Special surprise awaits you

These zodiac signs will encounter past. Special surprise awaits you Retrograde Mercury will affect three signs of the zodiac (illustration:

In the near future, representatives of three zodiac signs will have something special coming their way. The retrograde Mercury will significantly change their lives, and after trials and encounters with the past, a period of incredible happiness will begin, according to Spiritualify.


Mercury will lead to difficult decisions. At some point, you'll find yourself at a crossroads, but there's no need to fear. You'll be able to handle everything if you change your attitude towards people.

Serious changes await you. All of them will turn out to be very pleasant and incredibly joyful, although at first, everything may seem quite the opposite. Trust the wonders.


Mercury will take you back to the past. You'll have to rethink a lot of things. Don't give in to sadness; all memories and echoes from the "old" life are not just given for nothing. In fact, it's a great success.

You'll have a rare chance to analyze all events and find the cause of the problems that hindered your progress. And this experience will help you do something grandiose that will surely bear fruit.


During the period of Mercury retrograde, you'll be caught in a whirlwind of events. And you'll find yourself at its epicenter. Get ready because in the near future, you'll have to work hard.

And if you do everything right, incredible gifts await you soon. Additionally, a piece of the past you've been longing for will return to your life.

It has recently become known which zodiac signs will receive good news.