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These products weaken your immunity, expert explains what to avoid

These products weaken your immunity, expert explains what to avoid The products that suppress the immune system (photo: Freepik)

In the fall and winter, people start to pay more attention to their immune system as viral loads increase and the risks of getting sick rise. Experts unanimously state that there are no magical pills to boost the immune system. To improve the body's resistance, it's necessary to normalize sleep, stay active, eat properly, and avoid products that suppress the immune system, believes trainer Yurii Popko.

What you need to know about the immune system

"When people hear the word 'immunity,' most immediately think of citrus fruits: lemons and oranges, as they are a source of vitamin C. But I have to disappoint you – that's a myth. You shouldn't be looking for this vitamin in those fruits unless you plan to eat them by the handful," explains Popko.

He emphasizes that 80% of our immune system is located in the gut. Therefore, it's necessary to reduce the consumption of products that disrupt its microflora and thus reduce the body's defensive functions. Only after doing that should you add products to your diet that restore the microflora.

"The lymphoid tissue, which plays an important role in the immune system, is located in the gut. This tissue produces lymphocytes, T-cells that fight various viruses, bacteria, and infections. If you want to have a strong immune system, pay attention to the state of your microflora," writes the expert.

Products that reduce immunity

Popko notes that sugar harms the immune system, so its consumption should be limited.

"Most of you have children. Instead of feeding them with juices, lemons, and other fruits to 'boost' their immunity, reduce the amount of sugar in a child's diet. Limit the consumption of pastries, candies, carbonated drinks, juices, honey, and pure sugar. This will improve the immune system by at least 50%," says the expert.

He advises organizing your diet correctly and reading product labels. If they contain ingredients that are unfamiliar to you, then you should avoid such products.

"These additives should not be in the composition – genetically modified starch, gluten, dyes, preservatives that are prohibited in developed countries. If you often get sick, your microflora is in poor condition, and until you restore it, you should remove gluten and dairy products from your diet," explains Popko.

The expert adds that gluten interferes with the restoration of the intestinal mucosa, and lactose (milk sugar) is poorly digested with a low immune system, while casein from dairy products suppresses the immune system.

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