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Tarot cards promise immense happiness to five zodiac signs: Who's on lucky list

Tarot cards promise immense happiness to five zodiac signs: Who's on lucky list Which signs of the zodiac should wait for gifts from fate (illustration:

By the end of this week, representatives of five zodiac signs will be very lucky. Tarot cards promise them good fortune and miracles, with all the bad things left in the past.

Metro reports which zodiac signs will be lucky this weekend.


The end of the week will be cheerful and even carefree for you. Treat yourself, and don't hesitate to spend money and time on entertainment. There will be no problems, you have a chance to forget about everything that prevented you from enjoying life.


Tarot cards promise you success. Give free rein to your ambitions and show yourself from your best side. Your leadership qualities and fearlessness in the face of difficulties will allow you to find what you seek.


By the weekend, you will realize that your desires were indeed meant to come true. Be sociable and don't close yourself off. Everything will turn out just fine. Happiness is about to knock on your door.


Exercise caution and refrain from making hasty decisions. Wise and deliberate actions will help you find the key to success. And when you achieve what you desire, start planning something new.


Take care of yourself. Don't let circumstances ruin your mood. Tarot cards indicate that you will easily cope with all problems and find the cause of your failures. Of course, this will bring happiness and joy.

We've previously mentioned that the Strawberry Full Moon is preparing surprises for three zodiac signs.

Additionally, it has recently become known that June will reward luck to four zodiac signs.