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Strawberry full moon prepares surprises for this zodiac signs

Strawberry full moon prepares surprises for this zodiac signs What does full moon in store for Sagittarius and Gemini (photo:

The last full moon of this spring, also known as the strawberry moon, has surprises in store for representatives of four zodiac signs. After May 23, they should prepare for changes and good news.

Collective World tells which zodiac signs will receive surprises after the full moon.


The last full moon of spring will allow you to start a new chapter in your life. You can decide on significant changes. If relationships don't bring happiness - burn bridges, but if you want to take everything to a new level - don't hesitate, take action.


Soon you will be able to uncover all the secrets that have been troubling you. And after these events, your eyes will open. Use the new knowledge to start a new life. The full moon is preparing many surprises for you, thanks to which you will overcome all obstacles.


After the strawberry full moon, everything will start afresh. Don't dwell on the negative and don't shy away from a complete overhaul. Let go of anything that brings you negative emotions. Try to change your image, and style, and find new friends.


Soon you will start receiving surprises. Look forward to good news; the full moon will surprise you. Pleasant emotions and positivity will empower you to dare something grand. It will bring to life your boldest plans.

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