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Tanks, air defense, and more: Germany reveals planned assistance for Ukraine in 2024

Tanks, air defense, and more: Germany reveals planned assistance for Ukraine in 2024 Boris Pistorius (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

In 2024, Germany will continue to support Ukraine by planning to train 10,000 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and supplying tanks and other equipment, announces the German Minister of Defense, Boris Pistorius.

Enhancement of air defense

According to him, air defense remains the number one priority for Germany. Berlin has led the coalition for air defense along with Paris since November.

"Air defense remains the number one priority for protecting the Ukrainian population and infrastructure," says Pistorius.

The Minister of Defense also states that along with the coalition for air defense capabilities, Germany promises long-term support using the most modern systems, top-notch training, and resilient structures.

Weapon production

Germany acknowledges the need to accelerate weapon production. Berlin takes on this dual task.

"On the one hand, we are addressing the most urgent needs of Ukraine here and now through the provision of weapons, materials, and training," emphasizes Pistorius.

Other assistance Ukraine will receive

Pistorius explains that the federal government also plans to train 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers in Germany by 2024.

Berlin will also transfer additional anti-aircraft complexes IRIS-T and Gepard, artillery and artillery ammunition, as well as over 80 main battle tanks Leopard 1 to Ukraine. Additionally, there are plans for the supply of armored personnel carriers, engineering tanks and bridge-laying tanks, 450 protected vehicles, demining systems, as well as drones, radars, and reconnaissance systems.

Germany's position on aid to Ukraine

In recent weeks, Berlin has repeatedly called on other European countries to strengthen support for Ukraine.

On January 9, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated that the planned arms supplies to Ukraine by most EU member countries were "insufficient." Following his statement, Brussels is conducting a review of how much weaponry EU member countries have provided to Ukraine after Russia's full-scale invasion.

It should be noted that on January 23, the German Minister of Defense Boris Pistorius announced the allocation of six multi-role Sea King helicopters from Germany to Ukraine.