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Hostages taken in German hospital, police operation started

Hostages taken in German hospital, police operation started Photo: An armed woman taking hostages in a German hospital (Getty Images)

In Aachen, Germany, an armed woman is taking hostages in a local hospital, prompting the police to surround the area, according to Bild.

An armed woman detonated pyrotechnics in the hospital, creating a significant amount of smoke, and subsequently barricaded herself in a patient ward; it is unclear whether there were other individuals in the ward. Several fire brigades have already arrived at the scene.

At the same time, the police do not reveal who exactly is the armed person who could take the hostages. It is also unknown whether there are already victims and whether the armed person is making any demands.

Police are classifying the operation as a possible hostage situation.

It was previously reported that two Ukrainian basketball players, Volodymyr Yermakov, 17, and Artem Kozachenko, 18, were recently attacked in Germany.

Both boys died as a result of their injuries - Volodymyr Yermakov immediately at the scene, and Artem Kozachenko in intensive care.