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Taiwan reported six more Chinese aerial balloons flying towards island

Taiwan reported six more Chinese aerial balloons flying towards island Photo: Taiwan has detected six additional Chinese balloons (GettyImages)

The Ministry of Defense of Taiwan has detected six additional Chinese aerial balloons flying over the Taiwan Strait, with one of them crossing the island, according to Reuters.

Earlier this month, the Ministry made a harsh statement accusing China of endangering aviation safety and conducting psychological warfare against the island's residents using aerial balloons, just days before the elections in Taiwan.

The possibility of China using aerial balloons for espionage became a global concern in February of last year when the U.S. claimed to have shot down a Chinese aerial balloon that China said was a civilian vessel that accidentally drifted.

In the released daily report on China's military activities by the Ministry of Defense of Taiwan for the past 24 hours, it is mentioned that on Sunday, six aerial balloons flew over the sensitive median line of the strait.

However, only one crossed the island in its southern part. The other five balloons flew over northern Taiwan but did not pass over the land. All of them flew east before disappearing.

The median line of the Taiwan Strait has previously served as an unofficial barrier between Taiwan and China, but Chinese fighter jets, drones, and now aerial balloons regularly fly over it.

Elections in Taiwan

Presidential elections were held in Taiwan recently. The pro-Western candidate, Lai Ching-te, from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, secured the leadership.

Against the backdrop of the elections, U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson announced that a delegation of congressmen plans to visit Taiwan after the inauguration of the elected president.

For more information on whether the elections in Taiwan will lead to a new conflict, read in the material by RBC-Ukraine.