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Soviet symbolism removed from 'City-Hero' obelisk in Kyiv

Soviet symbolism removed from 'City-Hero' obelisk in Kyiv Photo: Cleaning of the "City-Hero" obelisk in Kyiv from Soviet symbolism (

The removal of Soviet symbolism from the "City-Hero" obelisk in Kyiv is currently in progress, according to Deputy Head of the Kyiv City State Administration Anna Starostenko.

"Decommunization in action: employees of the Department of Territorial Control are completing the dismantling of elements from the obelisk at Galitska Square. More to come!" she wrote.

The Department of Territorial Control noted that during the work on the obelisk, they removed stars on the sides and a plaque with Russian text. Additionally, the inscription "1941" was changed to "1939" - the year when World War II began.

Decommunization in Ukraine

Decommunization efforts are actively ongoing throughout Ukraine. These efforts involve renaming populated areas and streets, as well as addressing cultural monuments, among other things.

Recently, the Soviet emblem was removed from the "Motherland-Mother" monument and replaced it with a trident symbol.

According to surveys, Ukrainians have welcomed these initiatives.