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South Korea to strengthen export control on Russia and Belarus

South Korea to strengthen export control on Russia and Belarus Photo: South Korea will strengthen export controls for goods in the Russian Federation and Belarus (UNIAN)

South Korea will strengthen export controls to Russia and Belarus on goods that could potentially be used for military purposes, reports Yonhap.

The country's government made a corresponding statement after Seoul added 682 items with actual or potential military use to the list of goods prohibited for shipment to Russia and Belarus last week.

"The ministry will bolster the implementation of export controls under ties with related organizations, as there will be more attempts to dodge export controls and seek evasive shipments," said the statement from the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy.

It is noted that the Ministry will pay special attention to monitoring the export of "common high-priority items," including microchips that can be used in drones, with other partner countries.

South Korea will also make efforts to inform exporters about the updated list of controlled products to prevent unauthorized exports due to insufficient awareness.

Earlier, the government also announced that it is investigating a South Korean company, Daesung International Trading, which has come under US sanctions due to its alleged connection with Russia.

Sanctions of South Korea against Russia and Belarus

Seoul significantly expanded export restrictions on Minsk and Moscow in April of last year, increasing the list from 57 to 798 items. Industrial and construction equipment, products from the steelmaking and chemical industries, as well as car components costing over $50,000, were added to the list.

Additionally, in February, South Korea added nearly 700 items such as batteries and large vehicles to the list of export restrictions in response to the Kremlin's invasion of Ukraine. The new list also included old cars with engines of 2000 cubic centimeters and above, which constituted a significant portion of South Korea's car exports to Russia.