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South Korea supports NATO to address weapon shortage amid Ukraine's war

South Korea supports NATO to address weapon shortage amid Ukraine's war South Korea is helping NATO address the problem of weapon shortage (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

The export of weapons from South Korea to Poland helped NATO address the issue of the Alliance's military capabilities. It decreased due to Ukraine's support in the war against Russi, according to the U.S. representative to NATO, Julianne Smith.

Last year, Poland signed a series of agreements to purchase South Korean weapon systems such as the main battle tanks K22, self-propelled howitzers K9 Thunder, Chunmoo multiple rocket launchers, and light combat aircraft FA-50.

"Because of the ongoing support across NATO to provide military support to Ukraine, we have as a result of that support encountered some shortfalls inside NATO capitals," Smith stated.

She referred to South Korea's military deliveries to Poland as substantial assistance since Seoul's industry could address some of these issues through the sale of military assets.

"This is of tremendous assistance when industry in the Republic of Korea can assist with some of those backfill challenges through the sale of military capabilities" she said.

Poland's weapon procurement from South Korea

It was reported earlier that Poland would purchase nearly 1,000 tanks, over 600 artillery pieces, and fifty fighter jets from South Korea, partly to replace the equipment Warsaw had provided to Kyiv as military aid.

In November of this year, it was already known that South Korean banks were considering providing Poland with a $22.7 billion credit for military equipment procurement.