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Shelling of South of Ukraine: All about night drone attack

Shelling of South of Ukraine: All about night drone attack Photo: air defense forces in the south shot down more than a dozen drones (

Russian forces have attacked Ukraine's territory using kamikaze drones similar to Shahed. Defense forces in three southern regions have successfully destroyed 13 enemy drones, according to the Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine.

"During the night, the enemy attacked southern regions using Shahed-131/136 combat drones. Anti-aircraft defense units were engaged for nearly three hours. One drone was destroyed in the Mykolaiv and Kirovohrad regions each," as reported by the Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine.

It is noted that the main focus of the enemy's efforts was on strikes against Odesa. The kamikaze drones approached at critically low altitudes from the Black Sea waters.

In the Odesa region, 11 drones were intercepted before reaching the coastline, with the majority crashing into the sea. However, debris from several downed drones, along with the explosive waves, caused damage to multi-story buildings, shops, and private vehicles in the Prymorskyi district of Odesa.

Russian forces strike Ukraine with drones

In the early hours of January 17, Russian forces launched several groups of combat drones, identified as Shahed, towards Ukrainian territory from the southern direction. According to the Ukrainian Air Force, the drone groups entered Ukrainian airspace from the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea. The Shahed drones primarily followed a northwest course.

After a warning of the drone attack threat in Odesa, a series of loud explosions were reported. Russian forces carried out strikes with kamikaze drones, resulting in several fires. Additionally, there are reports of three people being injured.

Before this, Russian forces attacked the Odesa region late in the evening on January 7. The attack triggered a fire due to the debris falling from one of the downed drones.