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Severe fire broke out at multi-profile plant near Moscow

Severe fire broke out at multi-profile plant near Moscow Archive photo: a strong fire broke out near Moscow (Russian media)

In the town of Khotkovo near Moscow today, on April 1st, a severe fire broke out at a plant producing electrical insulation materials, according to local Telegram channels.

So far, there is no information about the causes of the fire. The footage shows open flames, while a black cloud of smoke quickly spreads with the wind.

It is noted that the impregnation workshop may be on fire.

Electroisolit is the largest multi-profile plant in the electrical industry, where insulation materials are produced.

Later, the prosecutor's office added that the area of the fire was approximately three thousand square meters.

Fires in Russia

Today it was reported that a large fire broke out at the machinery factory Uralmash in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg. The fire spread over an area of several thousand square meters.

In February, a fire occurred at the MiG factory in Moscow, which is involved in the full servicing - from design to repair - of the MiG fighter jets, which participate in strikes against Ukraine.