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Sevastopol rocked by gunfire, Russia claims drone attack

Sevastopol rocked by gunfire, Russia claims drone attack Photo: The shooting was heard in Sevastopol (Getty Images)

At night, on September 17th, in Sevastopol, there were reports of gunshots. Russia claimed it was a drone attack, informs Krym.Realii agency.

The media reported the shots at around 1:30 in the night. It is currently unknown what they are related to, as local authorities did not report any training exercises.

The Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that at around 1:15, their air defense system near the western coast of the peninsula allegedly shot down two Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles of aircraft type.

Second attack

Later, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported a new attack on Crimea. This time, four drones were allegedly shot down near the eastern and northwestern coasts.

Explosions in Crimea

On the night of September 14th, loud explosions were heard near Yevpatoria in Crimea. Local Telegram channels reported that the explosions occurred in the area where a military base is located. Occupying forces, in turn, claimed to have "successfully repelled a Ukrainian attack with 11 UAVs."

During the day, the press service of the Strategic Communications Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed a strike on the location of enemy missile systems near temporarily occupied Yevpatoria.

Sources from RBC-Ukraine in the Security Service of Ukraine reported that as a result of the attack, the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense system worth $1.2 billion was "neutralized."