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Screening process for passengers will change at major EU airport: Details

Screening process for passengers will change at major EU airport: Details Photo: Passengers at Schiphol Airport (

One of Europe's largest airports, Schiphol in Amsterdam, which serves around 50 million passengers annually, will check passengers in a matter of seconds. This will be possible thanks to the latest equipment, reports

The largest airport in the Netherlands, Schiphol, has repeatedly been recognized as one of the best air hubs in the world. Now, passenger aviation security checks will be reduced to 3 seconds.

All 53 scanners at Schiphol have been updated to check passengers for carrying hazardous items.

It is noted that safety and comfort for travelers and security service personnel were of paramount importance when purchasing new scanners.

The new equipment assesses whether there is anything dangerous on the passenger within seconds. This will reduce the number of travelers who need to undergo a thorough inspection by security personnel.

With the help of advanced scanners, the airport will be able to handle the increasing passenger flow. During the May holidays alone, over 80,000 travelers will depart from Amsterdam daily.

Previously, the largest airport in the Netherlands purchased modern scanners for hand luggage, which utilize computed tomography technology. These devices allow passengers to leave electronics in their suitcases for separate inspection. Additionally, the airport has lifted strict restrictions on carrying liquids on planes.

Earlier, we reported on another EU airport lifting restrictions on carrying liquids on planes. Passengers are now allowed to bring an adequate amount of water in containers of any volume.

We also discussed which European airlines have the strictest hand luggage regulations. In the list of carriers with the toughest restrictions, not only low-cost airlines are included but also traditional carriers.