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Scholz's party attempts to justify refusal to transfer Taurus missiles to Ukraine

Scholz's party attempts to justify refusal to transfer Taurus missiles to Ukraine In Germany, they attempted to justify the refusal to transfer Taurus missiles to Ukraine (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

Germany currently claims to be unable to provide Ukraine with long-range Taurus missiles, citing the need for production expansion, according to a statement made by a member of the Bundestag from the ruling Social Democratic Party of Germany, Johannes Arlt, who is also a member of the Defense Committee.

According to him, German forces currently have a limited number of Taurus missiles. Additionally, the country cannot increase the production of such weaponry to replenish the army's stockpiles.

"Therefore, considering our allied commitments to NATO and taking into account the measures we must take to enhance our own security, it would be wiser not to provide these missiles," added the deputy.

He also emphasized the importance of creating framework conditions for the industry to ensure more reliable production of weapons and ammunition. This is necessary to meet Germany's needs and assist Ukraine.

Taurus for Ukraine

Ukraine has been requesting Germany to transfer Taurus missiles since last year, capable of targeting objects up to 500 kilometers away. This is crucial for striking targets in the rear of Russian occupiers.

However, Germany refuses such a transfer. Chancellor Olaf Scholz does not support the delivery, fearing "possible strikes on Russian territory."

Recently, the call for the transfer of Taurus missiles to Ukraine was brought up for consideration in the Bundestag. The initiative did not receive support from the German parliament.