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Scholz: Putin's peace plan for Ukraine is not serious

Scholz: Putin's peace plan for Ukraine is not serious German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (Getty Images)

Russian President Vladimir Putin's proposals to start so-called peace talks with Ukraine are not serious, says German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in an interview with ZDF.

Scholz made the statement ahead of the Ukraine Peace Summit in Switzerland. He says Putin's so-called peace plan is not serious.

"At the same time, Putin has also shown what he is really interested in - a classic imperialist land conquest. He used great military force and started a brutal war,” the German Chancellor said.

According to Scholz, the Russian leader took the fact that hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers would be killed or wounded for an imperialist dream.

Yesterday, Putin spoke again about peace talks with Ukraine and announced “another real peace proposal.” Read more about Putin's ultimatums.

Peace Summit

The Ukraine Peace Summit starts today in Switzerland. It takes place in the resort of Burgenstock near the city of Lucerne.

Representatives of about 100 countries and international organizations will attend the summit. The main topics will be three points of the Ukrainian Peace Formula.

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