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Samsung presents the world's first transparent MicroLED screen

Samsung presents the world's first transparent MicroLED screen The world's first transparent MicroLED screen from Samsung (photo: Getty Images)

Before the upcoming CES 2024 technology exhibition scheduled for January 9-12 in Las Vegas, Samsung unveiled a series of announcements during its First Look 2024 presentation. Among them, the demonstration of transparent MicroLED displays stands out, creating the impression that the content is floating in the air.

This information is reported by RBC-Ukraine, citing Samsung Newsroom.

At the exhibition, three variants of transparent displays were presented: MicroLED, OLED, and LCD. Among them, MicroLED stands out due to the absence of frames and a high level of transparency, giving it the appearance of ordinary glass.

However, it should be noted that there is a minimal level of tinting: without it, the images may blend with objects in the background or patterns on wallpapers.

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Transparent Displays: MicroLED, OLED, and LCD (photo: CNET)

Journalists from the technology blog Engadget, who attended the First Look 2024 presentation, noted that conveying the experience of viewing on such a display is challenging with words or through photos: the image actually appears to be hanging in the air, like a hologram.

Thanks to the high pixel density, the image also maintains clarity, and external lighting has less impact on the picture due to increased brightness.

However, there are also drawbacks: even regular Samsung TVs using MicroLED panels cost from $150,000 for a 110-inch model.

There is currently no information on when such transparent TVs will be available for sale and what their cost will be.

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