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Russians seek 'weakness in defense' to recapture Kupiansk

Russians seek 'weakness in defense' to recapture Kupiansk Russians seek weakness in Ukrainian defense to recapture Kupiansk (photo: Russian media)

Russian occupants are looking for a "weakness in the defense" of Ukrainian troops near Kupiansk. The invaders want to recapture the city, states Volodymyr Fitio, head of the Public Relations Service of the Ukrainian Ground Forces Command.

"Ukrainian defenders repelled four enemy attacks in this area. It is near Sinkivka and Ivanivka. The enemy wants to reach the borders of Sinkivka in order to build on its further success in the offensive on Kupiansk," said the spokesperson.

According to him, the Russians are actively using aviation and artillery in the Kupiansk sector, and have intensified the use of kamikaze drones.

"We see that the enemy is becoming more active despite losses... in manpower and equipment, they do not abandon their plans and are trying to push through the Ukrainian defense, to find some weakness in the defense," emphasized Fitio.

He added that the Russians are once again conducting so-called "meat assaults" and are using assault units consisting of prisoners or penalized militants.

Russian attempts in the east

In early October, the invaders intensified their attacks near Avdiivka. The Russians are actively shelling the city and neighboring settlements. According to the Ukrainian military, the occupiers are trying to surround Avdiivka, but the Ukrainian Armed Forces are holding the line.

Ukrainian Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief Valerii Zaluzhnyi said that when the occupiers intensified their attacks near Avdiivka, Russia lost at least 10,000 soldiers in this area.

The invaders also resumed their assaults in the Lyman-Kupiansk direction. Russians are trying to reach the Oskil River. Fierce fighting continues on this line.

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