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Russians form new pseudo-volunteer battalion

Russians form new pseudo-volunteer battalion Russians forming a new 'Donbas' battalion (photo: Getty Images)

Invaders conceal mobilization under the guise of volunteer battalions (dobrobats) and use them for war propaganda. The aggressor, in particular, is forming a new battalion of mercenaries on the territory of Krasnodar Krai, according to the National Resistance Center (NRC).

The enemy has started forming a supposedly volunteer but effectively a battalion of hired contractors called Donetsk. Interestingly, there won't be any residents from the temporarily occupied Donetsk in it - recruitment is taking place in Krasnodar Krai.

"The battalion is subordinated to the Cossack Brigade Terek, which has nothing to do with the Cossacks. The Kremlin once again uses Cossackhood to distort Ukraine's history, drawing analogies with the Cossacks," NRC's statement said.

Russian special forces units for the war against Ukraine

Recently appointed Russian General Mikhailo Teplynsky has issued an order for the formation of assault units by occupiers consisting of officers in southern Ukraine.

In the temporarily occupied territory of Luhansk region in the northern part of the region, Russian aggressors are forming units called Storm-Z in field camps, recruiting predominantly from prisoners.

Additionally, the Russians are forming units to restore lost positions.